Is Forex Trading Legal In Indonesia?

Is Forex Trading Legal In Indonesia?

Forex trading is a way of investing that is favored by the millennial generation and just like stocks or stocks, forex is not an illegal investment in Indonesia. What you need to watch out for is the broker you choose to bridge your investment and trading process, which must have legality and operating permits in Indonesia.

Is Forex Trading Legal In Indonesia?

Basically, how to trade in the forex market is quite easy to do. Especially now that there are many platforms that provide online trading facilities which can certainly make it easier for users to analyze the market using certain algorithms and indicators. even so, we still have to be careful and ensure the accuracy of the analysis results

Is Forex Trading Legal in Indonesia

If you are still a beginner in the world of forex trading, maybe you will wonder whether Forex trading is legal and safe in Indonesia.??? On this occasion, Kangtury will try to answer these questions. Hopefully this article can be the answer to the question about Is Forex Trading Legal in Indonesia?

Forex trading in Indonesia is supervised by BAPPEBTI

BAPPEBTI (Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency) is an institution under the auspices of the Indonesian Ministry of State. Forex trading itself is already under the supervision of BAPPEBTI. So simply put, forex trading activities in Indonesia that have been supervised by the agency, are definitely legal and safe. 

The legality of forex trading has been regulated under the supervision of BAPPEBTI. There are already many brokers in Indonesia who have obtained licenses and business permits, so that transaction activities are guaranteed to be safe. And as for the tax rates for income tax resulting from differences in foreign currency exchange rates or forex trading, they will follow the provisions of the general income tax rate Article 17 of the Income Tax Law Number 36 of 2008.

Choose a Safe and Reliable Broker

No less important, also make sure to choose a brokerage service that is safe and reliable. The goal is to minimize the risk of fraud, including saving on commission fees and certain consultations. Check whether the service is legal and credible to avoid the risk of fraud. Is forex trading legal in Indonesia??? Forex trading as a form of investment that is legal in Indonesia and has a clear legal basis.
Even so, in terms of choosing a broker to use as a means to make transactions, you also have to check the legality of the broker you use.
Even now, there are many online platforms that traders can use to do online forex trading in Indonesia, such as FBS. Depositing funds is also quite easy, you can do it through internet banking (usually BCA and Bank Mandiri), paypal, or through DOKU Wallet. 

I totally agree that forex trading is legal in Indonesia as long as you choose a trusted broker.Not all brokers in Indonesia have legality and legal business licenses, so make sure you choose a trusted broker. 

Usually, forex trading brokers in Indonesia must be accredited by Bappebti and completed with approval by other trading accreditation bodies such as the Jakarta Futures Exchange (BBJ), and Indonesian Futures Clearing House (KBI) and equipped with complete national regulations such as Futures Brokerage Business Licenses, Approval of PSA Participants, Members of the Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX), Members of the Indonesian Futures Clearing House (IDCH), Members of the Indonesian Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (ICDX), and Members of the Indonesia Clearing House (ICH).

Forex Trading or Stock Trading

Forex Trading Just like stock trading, forex trading is also legal to do in Indonesia, it's just that the issue is not a matter of the legality of trading activities, but on the status of a broker whether registered and supervised by the OJK or not. Besides that, your ability to trade also determines whether your investment will pay off or not.


Forex trading is legal in Indonesia, the license is guaranteed and even supervised by BAPPEBTI). So the important thing is to determine which official broker to use, such as FBS, to make investments so you don't lose money and go bankrupt. Do you still doubt if Forex Trading is Safe and Legal in Indonesia...??


This article is for information purposes only as education and is not a suggestion for transactions. Forex trading is a type of trading with a high risk. So any decisions taken in trading on the Forex market are not our responsibility as information providers.

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